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She Bounces Back: Stories of COVID-19 resilience and recovery from China’s women

2020 was like no other year, bringing unprecedented challenges and achievements. Just as in the cover of this book, painted by a child, we saw China’s women fighting implacably against the virus on one hand, while working to build a better and more prosperous world on the other as we emerged from the worst of the pandemic. In China’s response and its recovery we have witnessed the essential contribution of women at all levels: their leadership and resilience as frontline responders; their tirelessness as community volunteers; their knowledge as innovators; their steadfastness as national leaders – and so much more. We wish to extend our deepest respect and admiration to these women who, from all walks of life, have helped China bounce back.  

UN Women and the Rockcheck Puji Foundation are committed to upholding women’s rights and their leadership potential in pandemic preparedness, response and recovery. In May 2020 UN Women China, funded by the Rockcheck Puji Foundation, launched Supporting women to recover from the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, a project that focused on women entrepreneurs, workers and women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In doing so we have worked with many women to build their resilience to future shocks, promote their leadership, and build on their capabilities.

Under this project, we present the She Bounces Back photobook to celebrate and document the tremendous contribution of China’s women, and reinforce the importance of a more equal future as we emerge from the shadow of COVID-19.

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